“If thoughts can do this to water, imagine what they can do to us (considering that 70% of our body is water)…..kind of makes you wonder….”  What The Bleep Do You Know

Gratitude "Hidden Messages in Water" written by Dr. Emoto.

Blog Posted September 22, 2010

Hello Friends,

It is an amazingly peaceful morning as I sit on my front porch.  The warmth of the Eastern sun and the caress of the Western wind touch alternate sides of my face.   I am reading my earlier posts hoping for inspiration for today’s blog post, when a butterfly lands on my knee.  I’m sitting cross legged with the computer on my lap so that the butterfly is watching me as I am reading.  Its antennae are gently sweeping the air toward the computer probably detecting the emanating heat, although I imagine the butterfly is talking to me. 

Hmmmmm…..butterfly?  What does the butterfly symbolize in Native American tradition? 

The butterfly is the symbol of change, joy and color.  It is the symbol of the soul.  They remind us that life is a dance, not to take things quite so seriously.  They also remind us to get up and move.  Dance brings the sweetness of life.

Butterflies bring color and joy to your life.  They teach us that growth and transformation does not have to be traumatic; it can occur gently, sweetly, joyfully.

If a butterfly totem has shown up in your life, make note of the most important issues in your life, and see what needs to be changed.

As I am typing this the butterfly is dancing around my head.  She, the butterfly, is circling from my head to my dog, Sophie’s, head.   Sophie’s ears are twitching as the butterfly navigates the canyon created by her upright ears.  (Sophie has the distinctive large, pointed, German shepherd ears)

OMG…it has started to rain.  As I quickly gather my computer, unplug the cord, and grab my water, I am in awe of the fact that really…just a second ago the sun was on my face…and now it is raining.  The weather just…changed.  Too ironic, I am writing about the butterfly symbolizing change and unexpectedly change happened.

…growth and transformation does not have to be traumatic; it can occur gently, sweetly, joyfully. 

The rain delivers light breaths of wind and sweet earthy fragrances.  Suddenly I can smell the colors of fall; the dusty gold of ready to harvest soybeans, bitter green of wheat grass, spicy yellow of fields of golden rod, and musky orange of fallen oak leaves.    

Where is the butterfly?  At first glance nothing appears to move then moment by moment my senses become aware of the rain flowing through the downspouts and the “feeling” of grass turning green.  The rain slows and water dribbles, then the wind surges, and rain cascades.  The movement of change…It’s like a dance!



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