Re-post of a May 13, 2015 blog post at  Life Coach By Design.

What is a mindful inquiry?  

An inquiry is not a question to ponder in the mind, but a curious exploration to notice and sense in the physical and emotional body.

The practice is to move the inquiry question from your thinking mind, where you logically sort through thoughts, experiences, and emotions, into a deeper awareness of the physical and emotional sensations that are occurring in the present moment.

First, bring your attention to your breath – focus on your inhalation and exhalation; “Now I’m breathing in…Now I’m breathing out…”

Ask yourself the question, “What’s happening now?”, and then scan your body and notice.

Stay in a state of curious exploration by gently moving any thoughts that arise back to the inquiry – and deeper into awareness.  Resist the habit to judge what you notice as good or bad, true or false, right or wrong.

Learn to experience yourself and this moment as it is.

What’s happening now?


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