A new lease…

Hello Friends,

Many of you are unaware of my career change, so I thought I would send a personal update.  I am a life coach.  I have completed my studies and am now beginning my certification with the International Coach Federation.

The first question I often receive is “What is a life coach”?  I’ll be transparent in saying that I have not developed my 5 minute elevator speech.  But…what I have seen coaching do is:

  • Shine a light on your internal “stuff”…your limiting beliefs.  The beliefs that hold you back and keep you unfulfilled.
  • Give voice to your life purpose and core values.
  • Weave together a feeling of connection, choices, and unlimited possibilities throughout all areas of your life.
  • And…without a doubt, motivate you through joy to do the work to create the life you want!

A life Coach utilizes many different psychologies to help a client reach a state of deep-rooted joy and life fulfillment. They include:

  1. Visualizations and focusing on what you want.
  2. Lively conversation and inquiry into the beliefs that keep you stuck.
  3. Gently removing habitual obstacles.
  4. Creating your possible future from which you develop a plan.

In order to see the beauty of life coaching you must be coached.  The voice of Life coaching must be heard for the value to be understood. One possible first step to a life of fulfillment is to experience a complimentary sample session.  This is a 45 minute sample session in which you can make sense of the possible applications for coaching in your life.  If after experiencing a sample session, you’re interested in pursuing a coaching program, please consider the following offer.    In order to insure that I will coach the hours needed to complete the process for certification, I have created a coaching package.  This package is good through completion of my certification and includes 2 (two) 45 minute coaching sessions per month with a 6 month commitment to the coaching process. The fee will be $ 300.00 for 6 months or $ 50.00 per month.

I hope that if you are ready to move your life experience to the next level, you will consider my offer. I can help you step into the picture that will be…and it is, isn’t it, a bright, melodious, and textured life in which you feel joyous and purposeful.  Personal coaching will help you get a handle on your life and experience your dreams.

Have a great day.


Annamarie Fernyak, CAC, NLPP

Life By Design




About Annamarie

Helping empower people so that they may live intentional lives; allowing them to become the best version of themselves.
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