The Irony of the word “Try”

I’ve realized the irony of the word “try” and have decided to remove it from my vocabulary.  It has been wiped out, forgotten.  What did you say?  Try?  

Do or do not, there is no try. – Yoda  (I know it is crazy to quote a fictional, little green man, however, no quote states it better.)

To try: “to attempt to do or accomplish.”  To do: “to perform, execute, accomplish.”      To try: “to test the effect or result of.”  To do: “to finish, put forth, exert, be the cause of.”  To try: “endeavor to evaluate by experiment.”  To do: “bring about, effect.”

To attempt to do or accomplish…Wow!

We use the word to hedge our bets and express our intention to accomplish something.  The irony is, with the use of the word “try”, failure is implied.  The goal you attempt is, by definition, not going to be completed unless you “do” it.  I now believe that when I “tried” to do something, I wasn’t committed to “doing” or fully engaged in the task.  I used the word as an escape door; an excuse.  I realize I didn’t take responsibility for possible failure.  Ahhhhhh….there’s that word, RESPONSIBILITY.  Oh…and FAILURE!!! 

When I try…I don’t take responsibility for possible failure!  Hey, I tried!!!!!

I believe my words have power…so going forward, here is my vow:  I will no longer “try” and will commit to “do” whatever I set as my task.   In the event that I fail, while acknowledging that I put forth the effort, I know that I am responsible, for failing to complete the task.  I will also ask the question, “What is the purpose of this experience for me”?  I will not be afraid to challenge myself and learn from my failures.




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2 Responses to The Irony of the word “Try”

  1. unclerave says:

    I think you definitely have a point there. But *try* not to be so hard on yourself, kid!

    — YUR

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