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Hello Friends, “Our thoughts are the only power we have. Our thoughts control our life. The only thing we have to control is our thinking.” You can Heal your Life, Louis L. Hay Yea….easier said than done!  I have been … Continue reading

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…enjoy the ride!

Hello friends… I had a dream this weekend.  This dream just won’t go away.  Every quiet moment, it returns to the forefront of my thoughts.  I have spent hours, over the last few days, inadvertently ruminating about this dream.  In … Continue reading

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I didn’t feel like I was being a total slacker!

Yesterday, I had an amazing workout day.  In my 50 minute power cycling class I burned 452 calories, and during my 60 minute cardio/weight training session I burned 516 calories.  Monday, comparatively, in my power cycling class, I burned 280 … Continue reading

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It’s the journey…

Good Morning Friends! The seed for today’s blog was planted by my friend, Jay.  Yesterday he commented, “Journeys are a good thing”, which immediately brought to mind a quote by the Author Greg Anderson.  “It’s the journey not the destination.  Joy is … Continue reading

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Starvation mode!

A few months ago I was frustrated about my weight loss plateau and looking for answers.   I met with a nutritionist.  She assessed my 3 day food diary and I was given guidelines.  The most fascinating of which, I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Monday morning…weigh in day!  Why, oh why, did I choose Monday to gauge my weekly diet success or failure?  I believe I thought it would keep me honest over the weekend.  Does it?  Sometimes… Last week I consumed 11, 294 … Continue reading

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I Will Not Be Cowed By This Trip!

I published a new photo for the header of this blog.  My initial thoughts for doing so were to highlight my upcoming motorcycle trip (my husband and I and one other couple) through The Grand Tetons, Bear Creek Pass & … Continue reading

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